Monday, June 14, 2010


What's awesome?  Summer "vacation" is here and I get to start every day by developing a chore list for my children so they don't sit around, being bored.  Aren't I a good mother for thinking of them?
Less awesome?  I almost emailed the chore list to the blog, which actually would have been hilarious because of the part in there where I was explaining to the 16-year-old about how she and the vacuum cleaner were going to become very, very, VERY good friends today.
Awesome:  That thing about how when you ride a bicycle on a city street that you don't have to follow any traffic laws or stop at any stop lights.  How cool is that?
What?  You mean, they're supposed to stop?  Really?  Well that certainly doesn't explain the guy on France Avenue this morning that I had to pass 5 TIMES because he kept blowing past me at every red light.  And every time the people pass him it creates another dangerous situation.  So NOT awesome.  Cops?  Hello?  Anybody?
Awesome:  Finished the green blob sweater and, it's awesome, but also not awesome because it's too big for me on the sides, which is actually kind of awesome.  When something is too big for you, at least you can work with it.  So I'm going to attempt some kind of very-scary steek-like maneuver in which I take in the sides.  It will either be....awesome, or not awesome.  But what in this creative life isn't a coin toss, anyway, right?  And, as someone wiser than me has said, "You don't burst into flames if you cut your fabric".
If I do burst into flames, however, I promise to post pictures, provided I am burned beyond recognition.
In other fiber-y news, that really expensive Suri Alpaca yarn I bought at Shepherd's Harvest is quite awesome, but somewhat less awesome is the fact that the really expensive Suri Alpaca yarn just happens to be Napoleon's favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I'm working with it on the sly--I have to wait until he is asleep!  Maybe the first thing I should make with it is the world's most expensive cat toy.
It's by Birthday!  In...a week!  And a day!  But isn't that awesome?  OK, nobody cares, but what IS awesome is that I get to bust out of town for the weekend and spend lots of quality pre-birthday On The Patio With A Beverage, Shut Yer Brain Off  time, which will be the best gift, ever.  Thanks, Mike and Mitch!  YOU are awesome!

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