Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asbestos Boots

Today's Phrase That Pays is, "If you're always in hot water, you'll always be clean"
Go ahead and think about that for a minute.
Ready?  OK.
I've done many an ill-advised thing in my life--things that made friends and non-friends alike utter those familiar words, "I can't believe you/she did that!" 
To which I can only reply, "I can't believe I'm the only one who thought of it!"
So far, in all of the ill-advised things I've done, nobody has died.  That's because when I say "ill-advised", what I mean is, I probably opened my big fat mouth and toppled somebody's delusion/status quo, not, I did something stupid and dangerous, like, drive drunk, or get married.
Oh wait....never mind.
Like I've said before, sometimes you have to burn the thing to the ground so you can change it, start again from scratch, and make it better.  Sometimes you need to be the spark the sets the stupidity ablaze.
I find it much easier, when you do something forward, something which requires a certain amount of audacity, or something for which someone might say, "That chicks got balls," that you announce to anyone who might be listening that you're probably going straight to hell, anyway, so...why not?
No, I don't actually believe that you go to hell for having audacity.  In fact, I believe that being bold is like an express bus to the promised land.  But don't tell anyone, OK?  All the people that haven't pissed off yet think it's charming when I say that I'm probably going straight to hell.
(You know what I think is especially awesome?  When someone who got mad at you about something MONTHS ago is still stewing about it.  That's some power, baby!  Yesterday, somebody tried to give me the silent treatment, over something I basically forgot about the day if happened!  HA!  Don't people know that the "effectiveness" of the so-called silent treatment relies on whether or not I actually care?  Duh!)
But I digress.  Needless to say, so far this week, and, it's been a short week, I'm probably going straight to hell.  But that's OK...that's where all of the interesting people are.


  1. LOL... Kel and I have always said we would have front row seats in the inferno. I guess we'll see you there!

    Also? I have that same problem with the silent treatment. Though it's usually in-my-face anger they're giving me and I'm all, "Whu? Huh? WTH?" and "OH WELL!"

  2. It was CLASSIC, Keri! I met them in the hallway and they LOOKED AWAY!

    Out of kindness, I did not burst out laughing...


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