Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Trouble Can We Stir Up This Week?

Really, really bored.
Not that I purposely cause problems or drama for other people, but if I'm bored, I find myself delighting in the entertainment value of other people's problems and drama, because there is so little else to care about..  For example, if I were to hear some unfortunate news about the guy who dumped me ten years ago, I may smugly say, "Well, isn't that interesting?" and allow myself to a hearty laugh at his expense, whereas a week ago, when I wasn't bored, I didn't even care if he was still walking around on the planet, much less if Karma had bit him on the ass.
(For the record, there is no unfortunate news about the guy who dumped me ten years ago...other than the fact that his hair is COMPLETELY gone.  Bald is not something I personally care about, but it was one of those things he obsessed over, so, kind of ironic that he now has no hair, isn't it?)
I hereby declare this an Interesting Week.  It WILL be an interesting week before the week is through.  I predict that sometime in the area of Thursday, there's going to be a "Well, isn't that interesting?" thing happening.  At least one.  It might not be something I can blog about, but if you see me use the words, "Well, isn't that interesting?" you'll KNOW!


  1. we're getting in trouble over here in wisconsin spending the innernets money on yarn and such. So if you don't hear from me for a while, give me long enough to knit 4 pairs of socks and then send more yarn. I mean food. For the boy.

  2. The boy doesn't eat yarn? Oh, I suppose that would be a problem, wouldn't it?

    I have extreme amounts of yarn, but very little sock stuff right now, so, I'll send slipper yarn instead, OK? And a pb&j for the boy...


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