Thursday, February 11, 2010



Team Mayer, y'all....

When this nation will start to learn to look at things in context, I don't know, but it won't be soon enough for me.  Just speaking as someone who has, on numerous occasions, said something and had it wildly mis-interpreted, I never cease to be amazed by people who do nothing all day but sit and look around for sh*t to be offended by.

I've never met John Mayer, we are not friends or acquaintances--oh, and also, I'm a white girl, so, I know that everything I'm about to say is going to be immediately disregarded, because what the hell do I know?  But STILL! 

(Uh, and for the record, I'm not as much of a white girl as Perez Hilton, but people actually listen to Perez because unlike most white girls, Perez has a penis...without the penis, he could be catty and hell and nobody would care...)  

Can I just say....yeah, it isn't polished, stand-up comedy, but I have a very hard time believing that anyone who actually pays attention could interpret this as anything other than just some guy being a guy.  Personally, I don't go out of my way to read his interviews, but I do keep up on the twitter, and I gotta tell ya, there has been nothing he's ever said that any rational person would interpret as anything other just something a normal guy would say.  

And to categorize all of this as outlandish, outrageous, call him a Lothario or whatever....has no one ever met anyone just like him?  Are we all pretending that men aren't like that?  Is that what we're doing?  Because pretty much ALL of the guys I know are EXACTLY like that.  They talk about their exes, they talk about sex, if presented with the opportunity, they'll probably have sex and maybe not be too entirely smart about it, they make jokes, they like porn, they think with their dicks.  This is news?  

I mean....I'm a girl (a real girl, not like Perez), and, I've been studying the male species for quite some time now, and...these are all pretty much givens.  

Truly, the only people riding the Men Shouldn't Be Like That train are the media and the delusional.  And I'm not saying that the way men are is always fun for females to deal with--sometimes, it's a pain in the ass.  But it's not news.  Not even close.


  1. My HBB knows plenty of guys exactly like him, but still, would be happy to see that you have add the words "pretty much" to your description of ALL of the guys you know. :)

    I hate to admit it, but yeah, that's pretty much all of the guys I know, too.

    But seriously? I wish people could get a little perspective on what constitutes news.

  2. "pretty much" was represented! LOL


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