Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, Isn't That Interesting?

Yeah, was supposed to be "interesting" a couple of weeks ago, and I suppose it was. February 9th was particularly interesting, as was January 25. Or was that the 21st? I can't remember... but I know it was interesting. Is February going sloooow for anyone else? I mean, if felt like that last interesting day was a long time ago, but it was actually only two weeks.


Here is your Random Wednesday of Doooooom! (What can I say? Trying to keep it interesting...)

  • I have a friend who, when he says things like "Isn't that interesting?" I always get annoyed and think, "Oh shut the hell up and tell us what you really mean! GAH! WHY is that interesting? It's not 'interesting'! It's 'amusing'! Tell the truth!" Yes, this applies to me, as well. When I say "Interesting", what I actually mean is that it is amusing to me, personally--me as an evil, snarky know-it-all, that is. When I say "Isn't that interesting?", what I'm implying is more along the lines of, "I KNEW IT!" Just more snotty. Yeah, yeah, it's kind of like Vague-Booking, since you guys don't know what it is that I am talking about. Go ahead and smack me. Still interesting, though...
  • I was searching for a particular Beatles MP3 to put on the bloggy-blog widget (right side of the page, for those of you reading the blog at Barely Contained) and put "The Beatles" in the search. I discovered hundreds and hundreds of Beatles cover band MP3's, none of which I wanted to fish through in order to get to any actual Beatles recordings. Sorry. Instead of Beatles, I added DMB and Absinthe. Who would have figured they would be more accessible than the Beatles? I'm a little startled by that, to be honest....
  • I am starting to feel the hopefulness of daylight! Wooooo-Hooooo! Spring isn't far! I can practically smell it! Or maybe I'm just sensing some positive change on the horizon...either/or. Darkness ending.
  • I talked to a lady today who worked in a doctor's office just a few short blocks from where I used to live in Mobile, AL. I mentioned the connection to her and she scolded me for not having a Southern accent. Wonder if I have a Minnesota accent...? Anyone? Anyone?
  • Here's my little thing I'm working on. LOVE IT! Ok, honestly, I think it's beautiful. Or, rather, THEY are beautiful--this picture shows only one of the two. The colors are more pretty in real life. And yes, that pattern is basically made up--just stole some elements from other patterns and threw them all together. I just want to work on it and work on it and work on it! Please stay exciting, little socks....

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