Monday, February 8, 2010

Brand New Shiny Stuff

In honor of, uh, Monday, I decided to dye my hair red and quit cigarettes.

While this news may seem exciting at first, please remember that my hair has been red before, so it's actually nothing new.


  1. all it took was the Monday after the 2010 Super Bowl? Is the smokes thing penance for watching the game I begged you not to watch and therefore the evil Saints won the SuperBowl & I did not get to see Brett smile? (Well, except in that commercial)

  2. Droooool.....MYGAWD I love smoking! I wish I could keep smoking forever and ever and ever!

    Nah, not football related. Date not entirely arbitrary, either.

  3. Damn it. Came here looking for a photo of the shiny shiny red hair. Damn it. No photo.

  4. It's monday again??!? I must dye mine purple.......

    Quit smoking years, maybe decades ago....don't remember. I could stop eating entire loaves of vienna bread in a day? Is that commensurate?

    (Don't wanna get behind, yaknow...)

  5. Hey, don't you have to be decades OLD before you could have quit smoking "decades" ago? LOL I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain you're not 80, IDB!!! hehe....not even 50, I bet (40?) you started smoking at 12, and then quit at 18...? :-) Just kidding...


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