Thursday, January 28, 2010

On The Up

You know what I hate?  I hate when people say that someone is "under-rated".  There was a guy on Twitter the other day, saying that Justin Currie was "under-rated"
Really?  Because I've read the reviews.  Rabid, slobbery gushing is pretty much all I could find.  How is that "under-rated"?
I'll tell you how it's's under-rated because the guy who said that is one of the only people he knows who actively likes Justin's music. 
I don't think that's "under-rated"--I just think that is an indicator that the guy who said that needs to hang out with a better class of people.  Or, he needs to stop worrying about what his friends think of his taste in music.
I think you should go ahead and sing the praises of things that you like, without worrying about whether or not people agree with you.  People are not always going to agree with you--that's just a fact of life.  Don't apologize for having a preference by calling them "under-rated"--that accomplishes nothing but making that thing look like a victim of horrible circumstance.  Why label them in this way?  So they get the pity vote?  Screw the pity vote--artists are much better served by you declaring them triumphant.  Nobody likes a sob story...

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