Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Count On It

Aaaah, never stops being interesting. Ever.

This is one of those "Interesting" things that I'm familiar with, (deja vu, baby!) not that it makes it that much better, but it should help me be less of a dumb-ass this time. You live, you learn, right? Here's hoping.

So, my supervisor just resigned. Today. For your further reference, I just started working here in October, so, I'm the newby. Well, I'm not the newby-newby-newby, because basically they are hiring another person tomorrow or something, so by the time the sup actually leaves, THAT person will be the newby-newby-newby. But it's strange to be freshly hired and then have the person who hired you just up and leave. It's one of those, "Wow, I hope my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss all liked HER" kind of things--otherwise, you're in the unfortunate position of being a gentle reminder of shit they might have hated about her.

Because, seriously, what the hell was she thinking hiring me? HA! While I do happen to be very, very good at what I do, I also happen to be...uh....unconventional. Yes, that's it. And my sup is this great lady who is also "unconventional". She's cool, while still being loud and hilarious. Mostly I just describe her as "A Big Blonde" and hope everyone knows that that means--he's taller than everybody and still wears 4-inch heels, and if you had to find her in a crowded, noisy bar, you would have no problem, just listen for the laugh. I like her. She makes an impression.


The Universe has been sending me all kinds of "Do OVER" situations, lately, implying that I may have completely f*cked them up the first time around.

Oh yes I did!

I'll do better.

Last time I was a newby and my boss up and quit, I spent some time in a unique kind of hell, some of which was of my own making. Had to be the bruiser, didn't I? It was not a perfect workplace (none of them are) and I took it upon myself to try to make it better in whatever way I could, because that's just how I am. Helpful! HA!

I...make an impression. I'm not a "Big Blonde", but I do have a lot of "Big Blonde" tendencies. People, especially women, either love me or they effing hate me for being an attention-sucking beast. Not a good thing to be, when you're the newby and your Big Blonde Boss just got a different job someplace else. Oh, and for fun, throw in an annoying, barely competent, person who does the same job as me who thinks she runs the place and talks to everybody like they're stupid Yeah, baby! Just like last time!

Here we go again...

My mantra at the job for the next six months (give or take) is going to be a simple one...."Shut the hell up, Shelly." I'll also be using lots of "Let it go, Shelly."

Last time, I did not "Shut the hell up, Shelly." Nor did I "Let it go, Shelly." There was lots of Drama and Stupidity (about a years worth), followed by the most hilarious day of my life in which I got fired and the powers that be were so convinced that I was going to go postal that they had TWO Duluth Police Officers sit in on the firing. Really funny, in retrospect, because before they told me I was fired, I figured that the cops were there because that bitch planted drugs in my desk or something. I sat giggling through the entire firing. Getting fired was soooo much better than being framed.


Good times.

Though it will take monumental effort, I'm just going to do my best watch this from the sidelines and Trust Karma, Trust Karma, Trust Karma. Karma doesn't need my help. Oh, wait....that's a much better mantra than "Shut the hell up, Shelly"....


  1. I'm predicting all kinds of good stories at lunch this weekend!

  2. Oh, yeah....there are stories....LOL

  3. Getting fired IS better than getting framed. Words of wisdom.

    Good luck.

  4. my mantra is, "Just keep swimming; just keep swimming." In the Dory voice, of could borrow it if yours break down.

    I'm nice like that.

  5. Shark-infested waters, my dear... :-) Oh well. It will only hurt for a minute before they swallow you, right?


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