Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick! Look Busy!

I got a few things done. I took a few pictures

Blankie for Bromley.

Also, I just realized that I am a woman of many geometric patterns. Next time, we'll take a picture of the geometric patterned project on some non-geometric patterned rug. I'll see if I can find one in the house. Wish me luck.

Socks For Harvey.

No, his name is not actually Harvey, we just call him that because he hasn't been born yet, and we enjoy annoying his mother, who HATES every single name we think of. I mean, as soon as you say, "What about ______?" It turns out she knows someone named _______ and, they happen to be a douche-bag. So baby, less than two months from his big debut, has no name. I'm sure baby-mama will think of something, and, I'm sure that whatever name it is, it will remind ME of some friggin' douche that I know, but, whatever...

Sponge Bob says The Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater Is All The Time
And I believe him. One cat sweater, done. He doesn't hate it. I mean, he doesn't hate it as much as my friend Sarah hates it when we call her baby "Harvey". That's saying something, right? Jack and Punky went outside for a walk around the yard, showed off the sweater to the neighbor cat, "Tiger", and then went back inside where Jack licked his feet for about a half an hour while re-thinking the whole "Let me outside" thing, since that snow stuff leaves gunk between your toes. Who knew?

And since I'm posting pictures...

Here's one of my BFF with her D-O-G.
And if she finds out I put this picture online?
She might just K-I-L-L M-E.

('s cute, right?)


  1. I worked with a special man when I was pregnant. He only worked on Saturdays. Every Saturday he would come in and say, "Hey, I thought of a name for your baby." And I would say, "What would that be, Saul?" And he would say, "Mariah." Every time. Mariah. Coulda been Harvey, but it was Mariah.

    (Some names may have been changed to protect, well, mostly me.)

    Nice work, Shel!! I don't see no incriminating pictures. Nope.....

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