Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can't Get Out Of It

Most unfortunate that I have nothing to report other than what songs have been stuck in my head.
Currently Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, thanks for asking.
I am of the mind that these things don't just pop in there for no reason--your brain must be latching on to SOMETHING, right?
Perhaps it is wishful thinking, or my desire to remain hopeful, that gives meaning to songs stuck in my head.  My friend had Reminiscing stuck in her head, after all....where's the message in that?  What is your mind preparing for when it's Little River Band up there?  Not that they were any less deep than U2, they just didn't have as much Holier Than Though in their marketing campaign.
(I KNOW!  She took a swipe at U2!  Damn!  Step back--something heavy is about to drop on her head!)
Trust me, LRB is SOMEBODY'S sacred cow--don't you think that person has been beat up enough?  Besides, how could I be the Queen of Lost Causes if I didn't pick the Australians over U2?  U2 has EVERYBODY else, already!
I was set to ignore Stuck In A Moment (Team LRB!), then I read the lyric to it (and if you're lucky like me, you'll have a Hot Chick Boob Shot to the left of your screen when you click on that link. Yow!).  GAH!  Those U2 Bastards!  I hate that!  The words do apply, quite handily, to some stuff.  OK, OK, not just "some stuff"--more like A Big Hunk of THAT THING That Troubles Me Most.
Has anybody else ever done that?  Get a song stuck in your head and instead of allowing yourself to go half batty drumming it out of there, look up the lyric to see if there is something to it?  Assume that there must be a reason?  Because I, for one, do not believe in coincidences.  2009 was a virtual FLOOD of "coincidences" for me, and it turned out that every single one of them was connected to some crazy thing or another.  To me, it's just the universe saying "HEY!" and asking for your attention, even if just for a minute.  And the universe might pick a song that will annoy the crap out of you in an effort to make it's point.
So....what's been buzzing around in YOUR brains?  What's it there for?  Aren't you curious?


  1. On Monday I had that stupid ass Jennifer Lopez Louboutins song stuck in my head. I wouldn't mind a pair - - but would rather go without because that song is awful.

  2. I'm very happy to report that I have never heard that song before. And also that the lyrics look stupid.

    And is this a "new" song? Isn't she supposed to be all Happy/Married/Mommy blissed right now? Angry Jenny better go back to the block, y'all...

  3. Oh, and the $700 shoes? That just proves her problems are few....get happy Jenny....get happy....

  4. Could be worse...you could have Cliff Richard's "We Don't Talk Anymore" stuck in the noggin. That was my Monday. Tuesday was Lou Rawls, "You'll Never Find"

  5. Oh you poor thing! But again....knowing you, I don't think those just popped in there for no reason...am I right, there, Loverboy?

  6. Don't know where the Cliff Richards came from. The Lou Rawls...from Ice Age III...Mitchell movie.

    As for you implication...you know it would be Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Sinetra, Tony Bennett, John Legend, Michael Buble and a little Jodeci, just sayin'...


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