Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Of It Was True

  • I hereby ban people from saying "Old School".  No particular reason other than, I'm so done hearing it.  I came to this conclusion today after hearing someone actually say it.  Out loud.  Like they thought it was still sorta cool.
  • Listening to The Clash on your headphones while doing mundane stuff at the office?  Recommended.  Steel yourself, if you can, however, against thrashing around like you're enjoying it.  People look at you funny.
  • Ahem...that didn't happen, though, because I have nerves of steel.
  • The girls were dying to have PIZZA for Thanksgiving dinner, and I really wanted them to have exactly that.  Alas, we were invited over for more traditional fare.  Next year, my pretties...next year...I don't mind whipping up the traditional thing, but to be honest....its a yawner.  I'm a bit more off the beaten path. 
  • I'm contributing mashed potatoes to the dinner this year, and you know, I'm so non-traditional that I had to get CLEARANCE from the host for my mashed potatoes!  MASHED EFFING POTATOES.  Like, I'm gonna fuck those up...
  • OK, let me tell you how I'm going to fuck up the mashed potatoes...old trick I learned from a friend of mine when we worked together at a school.  Mrs. Jablonski, the coolest....ANYWAY, the night before the meal, or, early in the day, boil yer taters the way you normally do, then put them in a crock pot with massive quantities of BUTTER, CREAM CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM, preferrably the sour cream with the chives and stuff in it.  Use an entire container of sour cream.  Seriously, just do it.  And at least one stick of butter, maybe more.  And a whole block of cream cheese.  Then whip them up with your mixer, so they are mashed, set them on low on the crock pot and....walk away....no need to mess with them while you're trying to make gravy and such.  They are ridiculously good potatoes....thank me later.  And, since they aren't boring and sucky potatoes, probably the host won't be having any, which means more for me.
  • Don't forget!  The web address is www.barelycontained.blogspot.com !  If you are reading this on www.catsandyarn.blogspot.com, just be aware that VERY soon, CatsAndYarn will be an archive, and the new stuff will only be posted on Barely Contained.  Got it?  Good.  So change your bookmark, or reader, or whatever you do...

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