Monday, November 3, 2008

Gentlemen Prefer...

I just read an interesting article about how, when it comes to girlfriends and fun, a guy would rather have a blonde woman, but when it is time to get married, he's all about the brunettes.

Read it for yourself, here.

My favorite part of the article was when they pointed out that around 50% of men surveyed (a group of 3000) stated that they thought that brunettes made better home organizers, mothers, and cooks!  They also think that brunettes are "more reliable" and "most loving".  The survey goes on to say that only 18% of men think that blondes make good wives.

Hmmm....where, oh where, shall I begin?

I was born a blonde.  In fact, I had the lightest hair of anybody in my family.  Still do.  My father and two of my brothers have jet-black hair.  Um...jet black, and grey, I mean.  (We're all old and sh*t.)  My mother, and two of my other brothers, have brown hair--actually, the boys' hair is more brown-leaning-red.  My sister's hair is light brown. 

I was the weird one in my family with the shockingly blonde hair--until my teen years, I was VERY blonde, then, I faded to something a bit less mega-watt.  I like to avoid terms like "dishwater blonde", so, we'll stick with "Less Shockingly Bright Blonde" for the moment. 

And "Dirty Blonde" just means something entirely different to me, so don't even bring it up.

I don't recall thinking of myself as different from anybody in my family growing up, and nobody really told any blonde jokes at our house, and they barely acknowledged my hair color.  Amazing.  The fact that I was a middle child, AND had the only shockingly blonde head in the household makes it seem incredible that I didn't stand up in the middle of every meal and declare that the family must now  Pay.  Attention.  To.  Me. 

I guess I knew I was outnumbered--it would have been futile.

So, maybe I'm an unusual blonde.  I'm incredibly organized, reliable, loving, a great cook and a pretty damn good mom.  I'm also here to tell you that those things don't necessarily qualify me as good "wife" material.  I've been a wife before, and I kinda think I suck at it, even though I kick ass in all the brunette categories.

These 3000 men and their "wife" qualities....Cook?  Really?  Why don't you go live with your mama?  I'm just sayin'...who feeds you when there isn't a woman around?  Specifically, a brunette woman?

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