Thursday, November 6, 2008

Invent Your Own Title Post! Wooot!!

(There are reasons why I have declared him one of the most funny people on the internet...this post was one of them, and here is a sample:)
Obama's speech was far more unifying than anything I've heard from Democrats or Republicans in the last 30 years. Seriously, it was stirring and moving and eloquent. If you managed to sit through it without getting just a little choked up and hopeful for the future, then all I can say is thanks for reading my blog, Vice President Cheney.
Hey!  I just realized!  We can make Irb the "Most Envied Person Of The Week," thereby making it look as I'm actually planning to continue the Most Envied Person of the Week thing!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha....Aaaah, never mind...if I declare him, he'll be wondering why there are no cash or prized to go with that...I love you, Irb, but I don't Love-Love you...

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  1. Good Link!
    Dick & Laura are fighting about shark hunting - Would love to ask Laura Where The F she has been for the last 7 years - and waiting until now to stand up to Dick.


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