Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Of Course You're In Love With A Vampire...

Who wouldn't be?
Never mind the fact that in Twilight, Edward is just the hottest thing you've ever seen in your life and you can practically see the steam rising from the screen during all of that mega-hot kissing.
No, I mean it--totally dreamy.
Why are the books (and now the movie) so damn hot?
Because every girl wants a bad boy who is actually good.
Say it again--you know it is true!  Every girl wants a bad boy who is actually good.
We want them to be dangerous to everybody but us.  Even though we would never admit it, we'd like a guy to hang out in a freaky stalker fashion. watching us, and not be a total creeper, but, a hero who is protecting us.
We WANT a guy who lives for us--and, NEVER SLEEPS!  Just, hangs out, protecting and serving.
They may have created the perfect man...


  1. Guilty as charged....
    thus Mr. Motorcycle.

  2. So I Married A Vampire

    Starring Mrs. Motorcycle

    I like it!


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