Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Release From Bummer-ness

At the start of the day, I sat down to work, hit "Shuffle" on the mp3 player...
And was drenched in a succession of really depressing songs.
What the hell?  Where were the uptempo songs?  Just sad, slow, acoustic songs today? 
By the time Hope Alone came on, I was ready to ditch the whole "Random" mode entirely.  After all, it is difficult to explain open weeping at your desk..
I have to have headphones on at work.  I must.  Why?  Well, you know how when you call customer service and the person you end up talking to is a complete ass and they treat you like you are retarded?  I sit within earshot of the person who answers those calls.  I don't do customer service myself, and, I dont need to call customer service at this particular company, but I must tell you--every time this person answers the phone, I cringe...like they're talking to me, personally.  
So, headphones.
But then, lunch came.  I went outside.  It was 70 degrees....gorgeous.
And all around this country today, people are doing it...finally.
No, not doing THAT!  I mean voting.
Doesn't it feel good today?  Really good?  Like you just know something WILD is going to happen?  I love that.
(Besides, if I had to see another political ad, I was going to strangle someone.)
So, here's to a Sure-Thing Crazy Tuesday, everybody--it you haven't already, get out and join the fun.  Then we'll all sit around our TV's tonight as a nation, watching things unfold, getting ready for a whole new tomorrow.  What's not to love about that?

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