Thursday, September 30, 2010

Involving Cats. And Yarn.

Some of you elders might get that title reference.  For the rest of you...

Herringbone is...just so cool-looking, and easy to achieve.
Also, you can do it in just about any damn color combination you want to use.  A recurring favorite of mine, that certain purple, paired with that certain green...rises again from the mist.
Just a scarf, don't get all excited...
The yarn is Isager Alpaca, from our friends at Needlework Unlimited, located squarely on the path between my house and some place I frequently have to drive to, to transport a child.  It is also very conveniently located near one of the finest liquor stores in all of Edina, so, there is that, too.  If you have no interest in driving to my daughter's best friend's house or seeing a walk-in beer cooler bigger than my first apartment, feel free to do the adult thing and order online.

'Lil Beh-beh Socks, for a friend who is expecting.  I can't remember the yarn but I also made a pair for myself in the same color--some of you may remember the Winter Olympic project that I absolutely did NOT finish before they put out the torch?  Those look different from these, because my phone camera flash likes to create color mutations, BUT, still very cute and appropriate for any fabulously stylish little person.
Please also note, at the bottom of the photo, from an "I can't believe you're wearing that" opportunity straight out of my children's nightmares, red T-shirt style sundress, purchased in 198_, and, if that wasn't enough, a PINK terry cloth robe from 199_, that was given to me by my mother-in-law.  Yes, my mother-in-law gave me a pink terry cloth robe in the 90's.  I hated it the minute I saw it.  Now?  I love it.  Go ahead--shoot me.

And this is just a random picture of Jack's right foot.
Excuse me...Jacks right foot, and his burgeoning gut. Love you, Jack!


  1. I may have mentioned that I feel knitting coming on. The books will get dusty and I will use up the advil...but I will stash dive because it's a crime what is hidden away in there.

  2. I am powering through the knitting to keep myself distracted, I think. It is better to engage my brain in things that are productive than to continue to be angry or bummed about things, and trust me, I've been plenty angry and bummed about things lately...

  3. Dudettes, we should get together and you can teach me knitting. A little bloggy knitting circle wherein I learn something from the two of you. I mean, I know stuff, but I need help.

    The socks are adorable, Shel. I came to the right place! :) Wanna make a wee hat, too? We also make dark chocolate sea salt caramels.


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