Monday, July 12, 2010


  • What happens when you don't write on your blog for a week?  Is that one of those "tree falls in the forest" things?
  • Why is it called an IntallShield Wizard?  Is installing software really that magical?
  • What's that smell?  My daughter and I stopped in to a GameStop store and she remarked that it did not smell good in the store.  I am sorry to report that my only explanation for her was that it smelled like gamers in the store.  Yes, it smelled like adolescent boys who would rather beat the next level than bathe.  Ew.
  • Am I the biggest dweeb ever, to have taken the days off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but felt compelled to show up on Monday and Tuesday?  Who does that?  A dweeb does that.  I have enough days off stored up to take the whole week off, but, I'm working Monday and Tuesday.  Why?  Because I'm a dweeb.  No big projects due, no major roll-outs.  I'm just a freaking dweeb.
  • What would happen if I started a complicated sock project (complicated, like, Cookie A complicated) before I finished my complicated scarf project?  If you say that my head would explode, I'm totally doing it...


  1. what if I said your head *might* explode?

    Would you do it then?

  2. That would be AWESOME!

    Nothing like a perspective-aligning explosion...

  3. I am very close to answering that first question... Although knowing me it could be worded - what happens if you post nothing of value or wit on your blog for a week...

  4. Value? Wit? Are these things important? Because obviously, I have been operating without them for many, many years...


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