Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just More of Someone Else's Writing...

"...a lot of the time, when you do what I do, you're not really all there. You're half there living your life, and half thinking about how to write about it." 

"I've realized that sometimes subconsciously, but also probably consciously too, I'll create trouble to write about it. I sort of mention this in one of the songs on The Great War called "The Way That It Falls." It reminds me of a great quote from a woman novelist I heard years ago. She said that most prose writers have to 'manufacture their own loneliness.'"--Justin Currie

Don't you hate it when someone famous says something, and you can absolutely relate to it on a very real level but you don't want to say that you can relate to it for fear of looking sheep-like because, duh, they're famous and agreeing with them is so very...lame?

Me too.

Read the entire interview with JC and David Wild on HuffPo, here.

Oh, go on!  Go!  Read it.  It's short.  Very little thought required.  And later, at happy hour, you can mention something about how you read in the Huffington Post, blah, blah, blah--it totally fits into your name-dropping day.

I am writing something of my own, but I can't publish it this week, which is, in itself, a delightfully long story.  Actually, and unexpectedly, it is several delightfully long stories.  Mmmm....brain stew.

In the meantime, we are driving West for the weekend, to the land with no addresses. 

(I am NOT addicted to GPS!  I don't CARE if it's a farm, gimme the address!!  I don't want to hear "turn left at the old school building"!  I have no idea where that even is!  Give me an address!)  

I probably won't get lost.  If I do get lost, it will be one of those things where I am within a half-mile of my destination and my insanity will have me taking the same left turn 8 times, even though I know that's not the correct way to go because it didn't work any of the other times I turned that way.  Luckily, gas prices seem to have come down just a bit, so I can relax and enjoy the hilarity of experiencing my children's growing frustration every time I say "I know it's right here!  Why isn't it here??"  It's fun being a parent.

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