Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Word For Random

I actually looked for another word for "random" and found a few choices, my favorite of which were "fluky", "fortuitous" and "inadvertent". 
Yep, that's me...inadvertent.
  • Running just a tad late this morning, I told my boss that I had to stop for drugs and "couldn't find my guy".  You would think that he would have laughed at that.  Sure, it's one of the oldest items in my bag of lame humor tricks, but usually, a nerd-girl referencing her 'dealer' packs enough of a visual punch to generate at least a chuckle.
  • I seriously, seriously stopped for drugs.  At Walgreens.
  • If you're not eating Tangy Carolina BBQ potato chips for breakfast, then what the hell are you doing with your life?
  • Psychoterrestrial Hypothesis?  Really?  The things people send me...
  • Should I?  Or Shouldn't I?  Should I?  Or Shouldn't I?  Oh, these things to ponder...on the one hand, to remain as "fluky" as possible, I say, No, don't.  That way, when stuff happens, I can simply say, "wow, that's odd" and not worry about it, don't be disappointed, etc..  If I do, and something happens, then I have to assume some level of responsibility.  Or if it doesn't work, then I get to walk around all bummed out and questioning the direction of my life for the next several years. 
  • What?  Too dramatic?
  • Depressing and whiny people?  Meh, I don't have much time for 'em.  I'm kinda busy.
  • I took Friday off from work.  Please don't tell my children.

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