Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning To Let It Be What It Is

Life is funny.
This morning, I awoke to find that my cell phone was not working.  What happened is, because my STBX and I have phones under the same contract, and, I was still under that contract when I left, I thought, and he thought, that it 'might' be easier for me to just keep that phone under the same plan and pay my portion of the bill until my contract was up, then just get my own.  I mean--we're not at each other's throats or anything, and are perfectly capable of cooperating on numerous issues, so, it seemed like a workable plan.  It's a few months.  No big deal.  Of course, paying my portion of that bill does not guarantee that he will be able to do the same--I'm only in charge of my own stuff, and ultimately have nothing to do with whatever it is that he might do with that bill, or even the entire contract.  It isn't up to me, which, trust me, is NOT my favorite way to fly, what with the "shit happens" thing hanging out there, but, whatever. 
Anyway...shit happened--bill was over-looked.
Now, normally, I'd be in an awfully pissy mood right now.  My life moves, and, I've always got a couple dozen things going on, most of which require me (in my mind) to be capable of instantly communicating with SOMEONE about SOMETHING, whatever something happens to need my attention at any given moment--interviews and callbacks, kids running all over the place and needing rides and/or permission to do so, friends with issues, friends without issues, get advice, give advice, pay me, pay you, where's my money, why haven't you called me back, blah, blah, blah.  I need my phone.  Never mind the fact that I have a home phone, work phone, and internet pretty much everywhere I land--when that extension of my left hand is not functional, everything in my brain just stops.  I'm sure that a lot of you are the same way. 
However...I am actually quite calm at the moment.  I feel like, this is not a big deal.  Like, I'm actually NOT addicted to my cell phone. 
How entirely unexpected.
I must tell you that I am not used to being....this calm.  About anything.  Historically, I've always got my fingers in the goop, in EVERYTHING--fixing, fixing, fixing, adjusting, adjusting, adjusting.  Everything in my world is a work in progress.  And I have quite a few more projects going than the average person.
Today, for some reason, I just don't care.  Don't Care.
I feel like somebody just gave me a vacation.  
How's that for trusting the universe?  Who is this girl?


  1. When my last cell plan expired & I was offered a fancy new phone with bells, whistles and the ability to perform sex acts - at a bigger price - I turned the whole thing down, canceled the service and purchased a Tmobile pay as I go phone.

    I hardly use the thing and end up paying about $100 a year for it. So, I can't Twitter via cell and I can't read blogs or (horror) take camera phone pictures - but I tell ya the world may just be a better place for that.

    ummm- my word verification is killing me today
    pronip like prenup but not quite ;)

  2. OK, I want the phone that performs sex acts--where do I sign up???

  3. Take the peace when you can get it!


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