Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At Least I'm Affordable

This whole, "Not getting a damn thing done today," bit is surprisingly exhausting...
You'd think sitting at your desk, eating cold pad thai and occasionally typing something work-related would not be stressful, and ultimately, it isn't, but I happen to be bouncing off the walls today, so, I can't seem to connect with just one thought at a time, and that is the stressful part. 
I feel like I need to take a break, but I look at my desk and think, "I haven't DONE anything!  Have I EARNED a freaking break?" and then I don't take one. 
And THAT stresses me out.
But, screw it, I'm taking a break.
In leiu of actual writing, here is a random funny thing:
A friend of a friend of a friend of mine (wait....relative of a friend of a friend?  Friend of a relative of a friend?) opened up their cable bill today to find that it was...how much?
.....How much?
Oh, that's right...NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 
Say it with me!  $900 Cable Bill!  Woot! 
And what the hell happened there?
Well, it seems somebody in the house discovered porn last month, and we all know how exciting THAT can be...
Try to imagine, if you will, just how much porn one would have to watch in order to see $900 worth in a month. 
Just picture it in your head. 
Seems like a lot, huh?
hehe...yeah, its awful, but that's funny, right?
(I have to ask...laughing at someone else's financial misfortune, which was caused by a teenaged boy...is that bad?  Oh never mind, I don't actually care...)


  1. wait. is it our favorite teenage boy who is not around your children any longer?

    cause that'd be classic.....

  2. That WOULD be classic! And, I'd be laughing much harder and naming names if it was...hehe

  3. Best title of a post ever given the content. ha ha.

    Thanks for this story...it will help me remember to cancel cable before my son hits puberty.

  4. Parental Control, Vikki! Parental Control! And that's all I'm gonna say about that...


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