Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forget That Other Wrinkle-y Looking Shot You Might Have Seen Elsewhere

What possessed me to snap a picture without bothering to get up from my desk, walk over to the water source, get the stupid thing wet and block it, I do not know.

This is sooo much better than the Facebook pic I posted, so if you're a friend of FB, please feel free to disregard that wrinkled nastiness.  Blech.

Behold, the smooth and....leafy.

OK...truth be told I was on a phone meeting when I snapped that other picture and if I had walked away from the phone, the other people on the call might have gotten the impression that I wasn't paying attention, and, well...we don't want them getting that impression, even though it may be accurate.

This is Woodland Winter Mitten, "October"(right hand), knit up in Palette. Pattern and yarn from our friends at Knit Picks....DOT COM!*

*Yeah, I always say "DOT COM!" like it's an Expedia commercial. Double points if you picked up on that obscure pop reference.  Carry on.

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  1. You must always post your lovely knitting elsewhere than FB. So that I can see them. I no longer live there. :)

    These are awesome! You are a genius.


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