Monday, November 14, 2011


I don't know if I would go so far as to call this the official portrait--the mitten on the right hasn't been blocked, yet, so it's like the other one's slow cousin, or something.

Anyway...That is Knit Picks Woodland Winter Mittens "October". They are a gift for a friend who has promised large quantities of chocolate in exchange--how could I say no?

Regardless of future chocolate offers, I will be taking a pass on all Woodland Winter Mittens requests for a while, though. They are all very pretty, of course, and interesting to knit, as well. I've just been making these for a loooooong time. I want to do a thing or two in (mostly) solid colors for a while. I also inherited a large box of yarn from a friend of my mother's, and most of it is slated to become charity items--hats, blankets, and yes, more mittens. I have a stack of animal print charts that I have been itching to try (thank you Debbie Bliss!) and what could be more fun than tiger mittens?

You don't have to answer that.

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