Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Minutes Ago Dot Com

If I ask for something, it's because I wanted it five minutes ago and couldn't do it myself.
Personality quirk.  Sorry.
But, seriously.  I don't ask for things unless I feel that they are needed.  And by needed, I mean, we've been doing without, and having it will make things better, so, the best time to have that thing that I'm asking for would have been five minutes ago, because the sooner things can be better, the better.. 
To me, a delay is the same as a "no".  If I ask for something and you don't say "no" but also don't say "yes"?  That means you're trying to think of a good excuse to say "no", and just haven't thought of one, yet.
Or, maybe you're a passive aggressive piece of crap.
So when I make a proposal at work, and it's November, and the person I'm proposing it to says that they can set up a meeting some time in January to talk about maybe doing it, guess what?  I've already labeled them a slow-moving do-nothing zero and moved on.  I'm looking elsewhere for my yes, because that person clearly sucks.
Here's the thing....I work for a massive corporation, and part of the reason this corporation is, in fact, massive, is that the culture of the organization is the very opposite of "slow-moving do-nothing".  You succeed, achieve, change and grow by being quick on your feet.  Our executive leadership is yammering on about it all the time:  Innovation!  Change!  Forward Movement!  Bring us your ideas!  Go!  Go!  Go!
All of this begs the do slow-moving do-nothing zeros even have jobs here? 
How do they have jobs anywhere?
But most importantly....why do they have jobs that suck the life out of other people's jobs? 


  1. because they suck?

    I submitted an it request at 8:15 this morning - got the auto request that said they'd officially respond in 4 hours or less. 4 1/2 hours later I still haven't heard anything. Sadly I can not go look for the next person to do something I can only rate their service as poor - -if I ever get my service.

  2. Then RATE AWAY, my friend! Rate Away...

    I had a weird thing happen once where I had a computer issue and the IT person, instead of calling me, sent me an email telling me to call him., how is it that they expected me to retreive the email without a functional computer on the network?

    Two days and seven phone calls later, I had "rated" them enough for them to finally take action. And then after they fixed it, I rated them again.

    The moral of the story is: Don't suck.


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