Monday, October 17, 2011

Like Pulling Teeth

Finishing the last six rows of these was torture. I had no problem starting the second one, no problem getting almost entirely done, just...


And I am sick of mittens. Truly. And perhaps because I am so dreadfully sick of them, a friend has asked for the going rate on a pair.  She is a lovely person, so, whatareyougonnado, right?

I told her to pay me in chocolate.

The next pair--her pair--will be the Woodland Winter Mittens "October" pattern, which is my personal favorite and the one I've been wanting to make this entire time, while everybody asked me for everything but October.  All I wanted to do was get done with all the others so I could make a pair of October!  And now I'm making October, but they're not for me.

*Le  sigh*

So October will be coming some time in November.

Hey, I just finished January, don't rush me.

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  1. They are GORGEOUS.

    Now for penguin sweaters. DO IT. I cannot knit or I would do it. :) The penguins, they need you.


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