Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Holiday Blech

We will not speak of such things as blog neglect.  I prefer to focus on the fact that I've busy DOING stuff.

Or, I'm a complete and total lazy-ass.

OR!  When there is time and inspiration, there's some kid using the computer(s) and I don't feel like typing out an entire essay on my phone.

OR!  OK, there is no other or.  Those three cover all the possible options.

What follows is all the blog post you can buy with 5 minutes and a cup of Peace Coffee Twin Cities Blend.  No, they did not pay me to say that, I'm just hoping that if I say that Peace Coffee Twin Cities Blend is the only coffee I like anymore that they might take pity on me and send me some.

OR!  They might take pity on me for having such a limited palate and send me some of their other fine coffees.

OR!  Oh, never mind.  I don't really want Peace Coffee to send me Peace Coffee.  I get my Peace Coffee from Coborns.  Have I mentioned how I love Coborns and shop there all the time?  Link, link, link, link link?

OK....I'll stop.

This is truly the season of discontent.  I'm not saying that just because the world is going crazy--don't we always claim that the world is going crazy?  I'm saying it's the snow and the snow and the snow and the snow.  And the dark!  Yesterday while in the car, I realized that it was the first time I had driven in actual daylight (with sun) in months.  On days the sun shows it's face, we are tucked into fluorescent offices well ahead of it, and miss the entire show.  In the afternoon, the sun is setting before I am home.  Weekend clouds are obviously no help.

I can now see why people want to retire in warmer climates.  There's just something about a beach that makes it all better.

The fact remains that I HAD beach and blew it off for the excitement of Minnesota.  Don't think I don't kick myself sometimes--I definitely do.

One of my good friends has a tanning bed in his house and I used to think that was strange, but no more.  I'd love to have one of those right now.

I am waiting for the day when I can get out and sun myself on a rock like the reptile that I am.  I'll shamelessly kick off my work shoes and plop myself right down on the front lawn.  I may be in a shaky mood until then.  You've been warned.

One more thing:  I was looking at blog stats, something I haven't done for a while for all of the reasons mentioned above, and was directed toward an old gem--a remembrance of a sunny weekend year ago, when we drove across the state of Wisconsin for no particular reason other than it seemed like it would be fun.

It was.

Someone out there, bless their heart, actually did a Google search for "Vitamin water psychic caesar".  I can't image what other results they may have had in their search besides this one from my archive, August 2007.  Think warm thoughts and enjoy.


  1. I love, and think of that archive from August 2007, OFTEN! So great!
    I'm thinkin' warm thoughts now, Shelly! xo Jane

  2. I bet that post would have been less funny if I had stuck with the original title: "Where The F*ck Is Brillion, Wisconsin?"

    Love you, Brillion. Don't go changin'. I could use another Brillion about now...


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