Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Throwin' This Out There...

--Dear City of Minneapolis: what's with the whole "not plowing/sanding/salting" thing? Those of us who have to be somewhere every day are getting annoyed.
--Related: Drivers of the city of Minneapolis, take heed! Now is not the time to practice last-second lane changes, or my personal favorite, crossing 3 lanes of traffic in the space of 100 feet so you can make your exit! If you cause an accident and I'm involved, I can all but guarantee that I'm going to be a bitch about it.
--Still going on about the weather: I sent my landlord a bill for snow removal. The thing is, snow removal is included in my rent and I'm not supposed to have to do it myself, and yet, the snow is never removed, so for safety reasons, I do it.  I actually don't mind shoveling, really, just the fact that I'm not supposed to HAVE to makes me nuts, so I set my rate at $100/hr and billed for my time.  If the weather continues like this, I'll be living rent free until June.
--I set a (as yet unpublished) goal of at least one finished item per month in 2011, to help me keep at the knitting projects and also to help keep my mind off of things that make me nuts. So it's me, my audio books, and my projects. Now if I can just tear myself away from shoveling, being annoyed with my boss, and reading twitter long enough to actually do that...


  1. wouldn't it be awesome if you could listen to Twitter in the voice of the person who's making the comments - with the appropriate sarcasm included! Imagine the drunken tweets!

  2. I would love it! With all the commentary going on right now, I am having serious problems tearing myself away--it's sick!

  3. I will help you!!

    I will not tweet!

    I don't anyway, but _now_ I'm not doing for you!!

    Having a complete s*it of a day, in case you were wondering......


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