Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ugly Business AKA She Breathes Fire

What an ugly day it was.  

Not the weather, not the part about how I had to walk two blocks to my car thanks to the Minneapolis Snow Parking Disaster of 2010, or even my bad hair, just....today was ugly.

You know how when someone is giving you a hard time and giving you a hard time and giving you a hard time and you tell them to knock it off but they don't stop and finally, at some point you haul off and smack them (literally or figuratively) because they Just. Wouldn't. Listen. ?  You know what I'm talking about?

Today was the day that I hauled off and smacked someone.  

Figuratively, of course...

They had been hassling me for a long time and I'd reached the end of my patience for their stupidity.

I don't take myself very seriously, but I do take my work very seriously.  I put actual effort into it, and I'm the opposite of a clock-watcher.  I'm one of the rare few that actually gives a shit about the level of work that they do.  As such, when I meet someone who doesn't take work seriously, I don't have a lot of respect for them.  When I get stuck working with someone who doesn't take work seriously, I find them annoying.  When that person works in an area where they can affect ME by not taking their work seriously, I flat-out get angry.

To have your reputation destroyed by someone who simply doesn't give a shit is the worst kind of injury.  I'm talking about someone who, just for jollies, just because they can, takes purposeful steps to make you look bad, even though there is nothing to be gained by it.

That is what you call Evil.  Evil, evil, evil.

There is no remedy.  You can't teach people like that how to cooperate or be nice--the are not interested in cooperating and they don't care to be nice.  If they can fuck you up, they're going to fuck you up.  The only way to get them off your back is to haul off and smack them.

So you do it.

And then, you can't believe it came to that.  

You can't believe you had to smack someone (figuratively, of course...) to get them to stop being a fucking asshole.  


And most untidy.

Not to mention somewhat barbaric, and strangely, you find yourself wanting to say bullshit like, "You have fucked with the wrong person today!" and other exciting B-movie dialog.  It just sucks.  I mean it really, really sucks.  So unnecessary.  I'm so not interested in smacking people.  It's the last thing I want to do.  What drives someone to pick at you until you snap?  And why do you feel like you are doing them a favor by doing it?

Anyway...that was my ugly day.  Poke, poke, poke, ROAR!  My turn to be the dragon, I guess.

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