Thursday, December 16, 2010

There Are Reasons Why Kittens and Babies Are Made Cute. This Is One Of Them.

The kitten likes Palette.

Palette is a delicious Peruvian Highland Wool sold by KnitPicks (Click. See. Buy. Enjoy.) that one uses to make....well, Peruvian Highland Wool thingies.  

In my case, I'm using it to make teeny sweaters.  Please enjoy this delightful photograph, taken by someone other than me, of teeny sweaters that were knit by someone other than me.

I keep a fair amount of yarn in the house.  

Oh, who are we kidding?  There is what some might call a "lot" of yarn here.  So what? 
Anyway...all the yarns are yummy in their own way, but by the taste of the cat, none so Palette.  

Palette, he sneaks off with in the night.

Palette, I come home to see unraveled all the way down the hall and into my room, where I find it mostly intact, but heartlessly discarded by it's kidnapper.

Palette, I sit down on my accident, even though I am certain I didn't leave it tucked under that blanket in the crevasse of the sofa.

Palette, which I keep "safely" sealed in the plastic bag it came in, taped shut, always manages to escape with the help of some striped beast who shall remain nameless but you can call him "You Asshole!" because he's used to it by now.
"I'm not wrecking your yarn, Mom! I promise!  Instead, I thought I would destroy the Christmas Tree!  
You're welcome!"

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