Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stuff You Wish You Didn't Have To Write

I wrote a sympathy card this morning.
It's not one of these things where I try to show off any skill at writing, but at the same time, hope to be able to say something that is of some comfort.
But what could I have told her, this friend of mine, this would-be mother of two, who has suffered the loss of her second baby 6 months into the pregnancy?  All she ever talks about is how she wants to be a mommy and have a house full of children, and I'm supposed to tell her it's not shitty to go home from the hospital with no baby...again?
Of course, I could not.
It seems so ridiculous.  Other friends get pregnant and have babies entirely by accident.  Hell, I did that, too.  And on days when my "accidental" children make me angry and annoyed and I'm ready for them to hurry up and move out already, what does Angela do?  What does she always say? 
She laughs at their antics and says, "What a blessing your girls are."


  1. And I am shredding the eviction notice I was going to post on someones door tonight.

    Fuck Indeed!


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