Friday, August 20, 2010

Randomness of the Un-Quiet Mind

So...How was YOUR week?

--I started a new project by that sick, sadistic monster, Cookie A.  OK...she's probably not sick, or a monster.  But the patterns she writes are definitely the work of a (delightfully brilliant) sadist. I suffer. Can't you see how I suffer?

--With a new, complicated project to keep me busy, there has been a obscene amount of television.  I have personally watched at least 30 hours of commentary, fact and fiction, about the British royal family, including the first two seasons of The Tudors (back-to-back), the entire BBC mini-series Elizabeth R, and one and a half viewings of The Queen.  Yes, one and a half viewings.  I fell asleep a couple of times.  Oh give me a break!  I started it over!  Twice.  Yeah, yeah...but I'd already seen it, so no big.  Anyway, now that I'm an expert, go ahead, ask me anything.  Well, ask me anything about the very specific and highly dramatized stuff I am all bleary-eyed from watching, I mean.  Oh!  But I haven't started Tudors Season 3 yet, so don't ask me anything between Queen Anne and King Edward, which is where Elizabeth R starts, cuz seriously, I have no clue...

--Delightful times at the office start by staying OUT of the office, I always say...and there has been some of that this week.  Whew!!  But seriously, folks, that job, or more specifically, that new boss (who is an asshole, no nice way to say it) has CHANGED my brain, for real.  Dealing with people like that sucks the joy out of everything.  I'm unhappy, and hating it.  I started the project AND the diet, basically to distract myself from the fact that my livlihood is currently being manipulated by someone that I wouldn't even trust to wash my windshield.  Thank God for Karma is all I can say.  Knowing that he's got all this misery coming right back to him is the only thing that keeps my spirits up.  That and the diet, I mean...

--My jeans are falling off!!  No, they are not being torn off. I couldn't be that lucky...but...POUNDS!  GONE!  Oh my GAWD! Am I going to turn into one of those annoying people who talks about their weight loss and healthy eating and stuff?  Oh hell no.  I fully intend to start smoking, drinking ridiculously strong drinks and eating total crap food again at some point in my life, but if I die before then, I am going to be so pissed.

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  1. My jeans are falling off too! Mostly because I've worn them A LOT without washing them. Nice, huh?


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