Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy, Tell Me A Story...A GHOST Story! Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!

Tell me about the last time you felt like chucking a computer out a window.
Oh, come know you've wanted to chuck a computer out a window....I can't be the only one.
Mine was last night when I (EFFING MIRACULOUSLY, I MIGHT ADD) found the disc that you need to do a re-install when you computer completely craps all over itself, (finding it is half the problem, trust me...).  Then I ran the re-install and the sonofabitch STILL doesn't work because apparently some evil entity came in the night and REMOVED the hard drive on my PC!
That's right....REMOVED.
Which, I suppose, would make the computer somewhat less heavy to lift and toss out the window.
**Disclaimer: I have not actually opened the computer to see if it contains a hard-drive, I'm merely trusting what the blue and black screens are telling me what they say that there IS NO F*CKING HARD DRIVE.
**Disclaimer of the Disclaimer:  No, the computer did not use the "F-Word".
I believe that the reason that running the re-install disc did not work is because I actually FOUND the re-install disc.  If I had not been able to locate the disc, then running it would have been the prescribed solution.
Tonight, for fun, I will be opening the computer.  Oh yes...screwdriver and everything.  We are in search of the missing hard drive.  The one that the computer says just disappeared into thin air.
If I am not able to locate a hard drive within the case, I'm calling Ghost Hunters.  Sure, they're just gonna tell me that the hard drive "disappeared" because of cat hair and/or crappy wiring, but, whatever....

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