Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Like It Never Even Happened

I keep running into old business associates. 

People from the ancient times. 

People that I thought I was never going to see or speak to, ever again.

And...they are all happy to see me.

I feel a bit like Pam Ewing.

If I had to describe it, I would say it was like the last 10 years never happened.  What a long, strange sleep.

And I am a bit bewildered, as one is upon waking, (Nice to see you all...is there coffee?) because everybody is talking to me like they just saw me yesterday, even though for some, its been upwards of 15 years.


I'm a big believer in signs, as in, "If I'm supposed to be doing X, please send me a sign".  This turned into a rather hilarious ongoing dialogue with my daughter when we were living in Mobile, Alabama and we were dreadfully unhappy--anytime something relating to NOT being there popped up, she would scream, "MOM!!  It's a SIGN!"  Bad service at the Popeye's Drive Thru?  "MOM!!  It's a SIGN!"  See a flying cockroach climbing up the outside wall?  "MOM!!  It's a SIGN!"  You get the idea.  She was ready to leave...

Eventually, after being pummeled with signs, we did leave.

So now, I am here, and, it has been very welcoming.  Old friends.  Good signs. 

Last week, it really bothered me that I had taken that long nap.  This week, not so much.  I'm starting to feel like my old self again.  Only better.  I know how to handle things differently, how to be a better business person--lots of things.  It was a productive sleep.

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