Sunday, November 20, 2016

Something + Something + Something + An Egg On It

Why is it that we look at other peoples food pics and think they are lame?

Maybe that's just me. I think your food pics are lame.

My food pics are lame as well, I just know a thing or two about good lighting and angles and framing. This makes my food pics infinitesimally less lame than some people. (Probably not a measurable amount).

The photos I take that don't look good? You never see. My friend Phil had someone ask him how he takes such good photos and his answer was, "By taking a lot of shitty photos." This is exactly correct.

Also? Red plates. I dunno. The damn things look good in natural light.

Today I'm having "rustic" roast beef hash with an egg on it.

This is a perfect (and perfectly easy) thing to do to look sort of impressive. Something + something + something + an egg on top = Eat That.

'Egg on it' a new/old trend we can all appreciate, isn't it?

One time I was standing at Andrew Zimmern's food truck at Loring Park while watching Dessa (just dropping names, now...) and who should be standing there but the man himself, so I asked, "What's good?"

I expected him to say, "All of it!" and of course he fucking did, it's his food truck.

Anyway, I settled on...Crispy Pork Belly With Green Papaya Salad, Chiles, Lime, and? An egg on it.

Glorious. Pork belly, amirite?

You should just put eggs on stuff. Do it.

Example: shredded brussel sprouts + onions + bacon. Fry that up in a pan and what? Put a fried egg on top. Insane.

Next example: Bell peppers + onion + mushroom + broccoli. Fry that up in a pan, drop a fried egg on top. Amazing.

Loco Moco...maybe the ultimate With An Egg On Top thing. Hells yes.

Avocado Toast. Egg on top. Die happy.

This dish: "Rustic" just means I don't like uniform chopping and I'm sure as hell not going to bother throwing all this stuff in the grinder like my mother used to do with the Sunday roast leftovers (a fond memory, though...)

Roast beef, potatoes and onion.

And an egg on it.

Eat it.

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