Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Misery May Love Company, but Company Thinks Misery Should Crawl Off and Die Already

Every once in a while, I answer a random phone call and as a result, end up spending a fair amount of time consoling a friend who just got done talking to their parent and that (shitty) parent chose to make their own kid feel bad because their kid happens to be gay.

I'm sending a mental shovel to the face for that parent.

I'm picturing that Johnny Depp movie Secret Window, and, obviously, the shovel to the face scene. That's the exact Shovel To The Face I'm picturing for that dad.

Or should I say "dad"?

"Misery causer"


"Your Idea Here"
Worth noting, my friend is not some scatterbrain dipshit deserving of any kind of scorn, much less scorn from her own father, and she has been with her one partner 4 times as long as any relationship I have ever been in.

Can the bigot POS generation just die already?  And leave my friend a big fat inheritance that she ironically spends on some kind of super-gay party?

Because that would totally bar-tend for that function.

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