Thursday, December 4, 2008

C'mon Get Happy

Someone said--OK, we'll just name names, even though I'm the AntiNameDropper.  It was my buddy over at Awkwardly Social (White Trash since 1976, baby!  And, she's kinda from North Dakota, like me), AND, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I think she stole the quote from Ideals For Living., though...I don't really know. 


The quote was, "Happiness writes white (…it doesn't show up on the page)".  I read her post about that very thing, and, got to thinking about how fecking boring I am now that I'm not miserable.


Happy, yes, but, such a yawner.

In her case, she's all blissy and eating right, and quit smoking and hardly gets massively fucked up any more (Kidding!  Juuuusst Kidding...) or writes about super-crazy nights and inner turmoil cuz she's all boyfriended and getting regular and spectacular sex and lovin' and stuff.

I do want to CLARIFY that, while I'm plenty happy...I'm not THAT freaking happy, OK? 

I mean, I'm willin' to GET that happy, but I'm not freaking out about it.  Eventually, I'll be ridiculously, retardedly, stupid-ass happy.  This I know.  I think I've known it my whole life, which is why a lot of the times, I'm so miserable.

We humans are drawn toward the bliss (forgive me while I get all metaphysical on ya).  We want to be happy.  Most people, sadly, have ideas about how to be happy that are not their own--somebody told them HOW to be happy, and, like morons, they believed it.  Maybe they thought that they needed a particular "thing" (whatever that thing might be) to be happy, and they got that thing and surprise, surprise, not only are they still NOT happy, but now they are also disappointed and feel a bit stupid.  But for some reason, now they are on the lookout for the next "thing".  Which also won't work.

In the mean time, the total confusion of The World telling you what should make you happy and your inner voice continuously telling you "Meh, that's not it," makes you all jumbled in the head, so, you suffer.

Most people suffer.  The good news is, most people don't even realize that they are suffering.  Oh, some do--some realize that life isn't working the way they want it to. 

We call those people "writers".


  1. I believe one of the people who tell you to get that "thing" to make you happy is Oprah. She is always going on about I got X and I was like "Where have you been all my life" Somewhere along the line people need to figure out that happy comes from the inside....not from something you can buy.

  2. Oprah...she's complicated. It's easy to assume that a billionaire is "happy". I think where most people screw up is when they mistake Easy Living for Happy. But I do think she IS happy, based on the fact that she takes risks and does what she wants, and, she did this before she was a billionaire. I think she had to BE happy to become successful. Just my opinion. But she would definitely better serve if she would stop doing shows about "stuff"...


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