Friday, October 7, 2016


My computer monitor. I stick things to it under the illusion that I'll see it there every day while looking at the computer and somehow the knowledge contained in sticky notes will transfer itself to my brain.

It does not work.

There is a FAFSA password sticky note, but every year when I go to update the FAFSA for the kid, I have to reset the password because "Fuck, I don't remember where I put the stupid password."

It's right in front of you, moron.

It's right next to the webex log-in. Haven't used that in a while, either, because why? I work around it because I'll be damned if I'm going to even try to remember that. Fuck that.

Several years ago, when I was hating my boss (three bosses ago, in case you are wondering), I got a fortune cookie that read, "Discontent is the first necessity of progress."

I'm not sure if I saved it and taped it to the monitor because I felt that way at the time, or if I was trying to urge myself to use those words for action. It was around 7 years ago (I still tell stories about how shitty that boss was...what a tool), and much like everything else taped up there, I promptly forgot about it.

My discontent with that particular boss led me to leave that atmosphere. I landed at a job I thoroughly enjoyed, working with people I thoroughly enjoyed.

Jobs and relationships, folks...if they're not working despite your best efforts, go do something and/or somebody else.

  • Side Note: I don't know why people don't walk away from things that are awful. They must love complaining. I mean, I love complaining, too, but right at the moment I hear myself complaining about a thing that could be fixed by my simply severing a tie somewhere, I realize I'm being an idiot.

I'm still enjoying said job and people, but, I'm not seeing much forward movement in the last year or so, and I caught myself complaining about it.

A lot.

And having a bad attitude about it.


So I decided to walk away.

It is a friendly walk--to the same office (my house) at the same company, only now with larger wads of cash and the slight possibility of being taken seriously at some point in the not-too-distant future.

I'm not entirely sure about the Being Taken Seriously bit. I'm not a terribly serious person, I just do serious work, seriously, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist bitch about it. In some circles, that means you get a promotion. In others, that means you're a pain in the ass to some boss.

I spent a lot of years as a pain in the ass, and I expect that behavior to continue once I get past the honeymoon phase of the new job, during which I will be less visible on social media and at the blog because I know absolutely nothing about the new gig and am starting at zero, so...I'll be hella busy being the office idiot.

OK, I'm not starting at zero, but like...3. I'm starting at 3.

Maybe 5.

For now, expect some quiet time here and there.

I do believe that fortune cookie, so I'll just keep that fortune stuck where it is.

Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

I believe you have to stir the pot once in a while: See what it takes to get the boyfriend mad at you, or get your boss mad at you, or hell, get yourself mad at you--whatever is sitting stagnant right now, just fuck it up a little so you can expand your boundaries. When you grow into your new space, do it again. That's how you move forward in this life--by not being too comfortable. If the thing you're shaking falls apart, find some other thing.

Feel free to print that out and stick it on your own monitor.

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