Friday, July 29, 2016


You know when you think of something amazing, but forget to write it down...?

Last night, I had a delightful, delicious, mind-blowing *thing* pop into my head, and it was fantastic, but as I sit here today, of course, it is gone...

Reminds me of all of those scenes where the secret of ultimate happiness is discovered by a bunch of guys sitting around getting totally baked, but when they come out of it, they can't remember what it was...

Such a drag...

True inspiration hits us all, some more than others. I like to think that it hits me a lot, and it does--I just happen to be unbearably lazy about it.  

OK, that isn't entirely true. It may be because words escape me at a particular moment, and I can't do inspiration justice by trying to write it down--kind of like trying to describe exactly how you feel at the height of sexual pleasure...

...tough gig.

I read once that the reason we meditate using the name of our higher power is that it is about the only word we can manage to spit out at the exact moment we're having an orgasm--that our true pleasure is inextricably linked to that sound.

Now there's something to think about.

The French call orgasm "la petite mort"--the little death. Apparently this name comes from the notion that you leave a little bit of your life with your lover at that moment. How beautifully French.

I would argue that this is also true with all moments of divine guidance that are acted upon--you leave a little bit of your life in that work that you do--that painting, that sculpture, song, poem, or stupid essay about inspiration.

The little death.

It would seem, then, that one should never, ever waste that inspiration. After all, you are giving away little bits of you. Perhaps you should ask, what part of you do you want to share?

Nothing worries me more than a person who doesn't share--especially when that person is me. I have to wonder...what is happening to all of that life that is gone forever, and doesn't have a home, simply because I didn't think to write something down?

If you think that was deep, you should have heard the thing I forgot...

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