Friday, June 17, 2016



Yesterday was Scorched Earth.

Yesterday was an amazing show of a devastating vocabulary.

Yesterday was, "You should run for cover when I'm angry."

Yesterday was a composition designed specifically to injure.

Yesterday was, "I no longer care. Burn the fucker to the ground."

Yesterday was, "Ha! I laugh at your ridiculous attempts to hurt me. I'll kill you with mere words! I'm just that fucking good!"

Yesterday was awesome.

I was just that fucking good. 

Results achieved, Earth scorched, wicked people vanquished.



Today one of my greatest friends told me he has an invasive melanoma.

All of those idiots that I destroyed yesterday are nothing.

Victory, hollow.

Those people were "sport writing."

The real test comes when your heart is fucking breaking.

I have nothing.

Nothing but love.

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