Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As Anyone's Mother Might Say, I'd Forget My Head If It Wasn't Attached

Finished these. Forgot to post them.

It might have been sort of on purpose that I forgot, because I was mad at the left hand mitten most of the way through it--my fault.  My tension was a bit too much and you can see the pulls there, on the larger color patches near the thumb.

Oh, stranded color work, you picky, picky thing, you...

Teenage recipient didn't notice, so we are going to pretend it didn't happen.

And now for the very good news: This pattern is back! Knit Picks sold the Woodland Winter Mittens kits for a while, then stopped, to the disappointment of many. Well, I just got my Knit Picks catalog in the mail today and I'm happy to report that the Woodland Winter Mittens kits are on Page TWO.  Plus they have added a new "Bright" color option, and they look great as well.

So go nuts!  Try these--they are a huge hit with everyone, trust me.  I have people lined up, asking me to make them a pair.  I'll be busy for a while....

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