Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Stupid Stacks Up

You can almost count on The Crazy escalating in the Spring, can't you?
The things I've witnessed in the last couple of weeks....makes you wonder if it's been a full moom every day.
Rather than talking about stupidity at my office or sheer lunacy at a certain State Representative's office (...talking about you, Tony Cornish...), I'm going to get, well....a little personal.
No, we're not going to talk about my weight--it's not gonna be Oprah-personal, but I will be discussing a couple of local institutions with which one of my children is involved.
I'm not excited about publishing identifiers for my children online, so you can tell that the stupid thing that happened pissed me off.  A lot.  Enough to make me want to name names and write a letter to the editor and such.
My daughter plays fast-pitch softball at Edina schools.  The team she is on is not what I would call a hard-driving, championship winning team--they are just starting out, and honestly, they tend to lose more games than win, but, it's skill building so most of the time they are not discouraged by losses.  If they put in enough work, hopefully they will be the varsity athletes of tomorrow.  Right now, they're not there yet.  It's not a big deal to any of them--softball is fun for them, they enjoy the team time and they enjoy learning new skills.
About a week ago, my daughter's team played a team from Minnetonka, and, frankly, they had their butts handed to them.  They outplayed us, period--better pitching, better fielding, better hitting.
So we lost.
But, like I said, not a big deal to my daughter and her team mates.  Sure it's a disappointment, but....oh well.
After the game, both teams retreated to separate areas in the outfield for post-game wrap-ups with their coaches.  I was not privy to those conversations--well, most of those conversations, anyway. 
At the end of the pep talk, the kids from Edina put their hands together in classic sports huddle style and shouted "Edina!" on the break.  From all the way across the field, in their own huddle behind first base, the coach from Minnetonka had paused for a moment while this happened and was heard to say, in a mocking tone, "Edina!.....Sucks!"
Now, before I go any further, I do want to say that the letter I sent to this woman's boss was incredibly polite.  She should not expect the same courtesy here. 
I don't think it's terribly Mother Hen of me to want to punch her lights out for saying hurtful things to my child, is it?  That's a normal reaction, right?
Anyway...I'll start by saying, simply, "Grow up", and follow that up with a "What the hell is wrong with you?"
Your team played well and they won, and with your single bitchy comment, you erased all of their pride.  You took away their win and put the emphasis on our loss.  So not only are you unsportsmanlike to other teams, you're a thoughtless bitch to your own team, too.
Did you notice how your team reacted to your bitchy comment?  Nervous laughter.  Like, they probably couldn't believe you would say shit like that, either.
High school is an important time.  Kids need good examples, because at that age, literally, it can go either way.  They can grow up to be good and thoughtful people, or.... 
You, lady, are not a good example, and I would appreciate it if you would stay away from children until you are ready to be one.
Now, Representative Cornish--speaking of "not a good example...." (click here to read all about it)

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