Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stash Reduction

The stash reduction project moves forward with these giant balls and cones of cotton (which my camera flash has distorted to look like Christmas colors...hmmm....the real colors are butter-cream, an orange-pinkish-melon-y color and a pale green.  Gorgeous and summery.).

I'm making this mass quantity of yarn into a throw blanket for the car/beach/tent.  Just a little something for the summer, unlike most of our knitting projects.  I didn't go with the GIGANTO needles this time, just a small (compared to Speed Stix size 50, anyway) size 35 needle and straight garter stitch--I'll let you know if I like it in one week.

Also, in case you thought I may have given up on the lace, not to worry--the main body of the top is complete, and I am knitting the straps for it.  I should be done shortly and will post pictures of my child wearing the top, with her back turned to the camera to avoid any boob lust.  Don't worry, it's the same shirt on both sides...

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