Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For Now, We Wait (Truth and a Bright Light)

There is a page in the Mark Shipper book Paperback Writer where he imagines the meeting between Bob Dylan and The Beatles. In this (highly amusing and completely fictional) tale, we learn about how The Beatles and Dylan wrote a song together.

It starts off with Dylan sitting at a manual typewriter and saying something like, "Just give me some words and phrases to get started."

And Lennon, shocked that the acclaimed songwriter takes such a casual approach to lyric, but not wanting to seem uncool, says, "Uh...words and phrases, right?"

Bob then types "Words and phrases, right," as the first line of the song, and the rest of the entire lyric is just all of them spouting nonsensical bullshit while Dylan types it up.

Any time I can't think of what to write, that's what pops into my head.

...words and phrases, right?

It is the day after Election Day 2016.

Here is the nonsense:
  • So far, no one dead who wouldn't have died anyway.
  • The KKK is occupying a bridge in North Carolina.
  • We hired a guy for the #2 position who wants to send a good number of my friends to reparative camps for electro-shock therapy to "cure" their homosexuality. That's the same guy who wants to jail women who have miscarriages, by the way.
  • This election season I witnessed people denying things for which there was extensive evidence. That's some strong-ass denial. I am reminded of the Maya Angelou quote, "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."
  • People who spent 8 years fighting mightily against a twice-elected and popular president are now calling for unity and asking everyone to get behind their guy.
  • Hate crimes. Muslims being harassed, POC victimized. Awful people given license to be awful.

Here is the hope:

Karma is a thing.

I know, I know...too simplistic. Hear me out.

Remember when The Asshole George Zimmerman killed that kid, Trevon Martin? And was acquitted? At the time, a lot of people were upset. It was upsetting to me, too, but I knew one thing for sure--that Zimmerman's new-found celebrity status would shine a spotlight on his every move, and that in a short time he would self-destruct.

I learned all about how narcissists react to scrutiny back when I had a couple of them in my life. It is a glorious thing watching them twitch and implode. I would say it's "fun" but it isn't, really--we're dealing with people's live, here.

OK, that's a lie. It is fun. I like watching horrible people get what's coming to them.

Mr. Z is now bankrupt and miserable. He's been left behind by those who rallied for him during the trial.

So it will be with our current crop of loons.

That's not to say that people will not have some misery inflicted upon them while we wait for karma to shove the metaphorical hot poker up the ass of the awful ones, but, if we are armed with the truth and a bright spotlight, we can fix this. These types tend to scatter like cockroaches.

So do that.

Truth and a bright light.

I am not sure if I can predict how long Mr. T will last in his new role. As we have seen, even young and healthy people like Barack Obama age quickly when faced with the demands. I don't think the president-elect realizes what the job entails, but he's about to find out, and I suspect he won't like it all that much. He'll be amazed at how little he is able to get done, even with both houses on his side. He'll start whining about it on January 21st and probably won't seek re-election, citing government gridlock and an inability to get anything done--speaking from experience, here, since I am a Minnesotan and we elected Jesse Ventura, who did exactly that. (For the record, I didn't mind Governor Ventura at the time. He was mostly OK. I am actually still pissed that they repealed his license tag pricing scheme the second he walked out the door--that was a good thing for those of us with cars. Yeah, yeah...I know he only did it so he personally wouldn't have to pay such a high license fee to drive his big SUV, but still...I liked the low price, too.)

People will not stop pointing out how Mr. Trump is ridiculous now that he's been elected. In fact, the opposite will occur--more people will be joining the chorus.  Narcissists go bat-shit crazy in those scenarios, and I expect that's what we'll see.

In time, he will implode.

For now, we wait.

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